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Kenney took away Kanita status in the race for Player of the Year GPI-2017 

In the latest ranking of Player of the Year GPI-2017, the first place was taken by Bryn Kenney, who broke the leadership of Mustafa Kanita. 

Mustapha Kanit held the first position for a week, but because the difference in points with Kenny was less than one ball, the Americans regained the lead by getting balls for the sixth place in the High Roller tournament with a buy-in of USD 25 000 per ARIA. 

Byron Kaverman took third place at the expense of fifth place in the tournament, which made buy-USD 50 000 in the same Casino ARIA. Player of the Year GPI-2017: 

Bryn Kenney; 

Mustapha Kanit; 

Byron Kaverman; 

David Yan; 

Nathan Bjerno; 

Nick Petrangelo; 

Ben Heath; 

Lucas Greenwood; 

Serhi Reksach; 

Daniel Weinman. 

Note that the brother of Bryn Kenney, Tyler Kenney finished third in the WPT Borgata Winter Open tournament. The first cash in a poker career allowed him to immediately reach the 106-th position in the Player of the Year race.